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Molecular Animation

Article and photos

I did this stuff in the mid-90s (although the technology then was not as sophisticated). When I moved to New York in 1997 I had to choose between a job doing more cellular visualization at Columbia Medical School or doing Web production at Ziff-Davis. The Web seemed more exciting at the time and the ZD office was a shorter commute, so that’s the path I chose. I wonder how different my career would have been if I had chosen differently.… Read the rest

Songs for Kids

These are songs I’ve written over the years, either for kids, or their parents.

The Future Stinks – 596 KB
“When I was a kid my daddy once said to me, ‘When you are grown, oh the things you will see.'”

Go to Bed – 1,447 KB
“Now it’s time to go to bed. What else is there to do?”

Bubble Bath – 1,565 KB
“I love bubbles. I love bathtime.”

Cleanup – 2,871 KB
“I love to color and I love to play”

Cowboy Robot Blues – 2,658 KB
“I had a job way out west…”

Are We There Yet? – 1,659 KB
“License plate bingo, it’s a quarter to three”

The Pooping Song – 4,940 KB
“Pooping. Everybody’s pooping.”

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Taking the Longer Way Home


C a C C C a C C
Taking the longer way home. Let’s take the longer way home.

G C G C F a F G F d C a G G
It’s been so long, let’s make up lost time. I need you here; I can’t let go, so please don’t change my mind.

C a C C C a C C C a a F G C a C
Taking the longer way home Taking the longer way home Let’s take the longer way, come with me, taking the longer way home

G C G C F a F G F d C a G G
You’ve said before how we don’t get away. You need me here; you can’t let go, … Read the rest

You Tonight

I’ve done some research on what aspects of music make a song popular. I’ve become convinced that one aspect is the structure of the melodic line, specifically that it needs to advance stepwise as in a scale. Jumps greater than whole steps make the song more complicated, while repeating the same notes make a song more simple.

I intended to compose a number of songs based on this idea, and the one that embodies the theory best is the one called ‘You Tonight’

You Tonight
Original demo

This song originated as a 2AM brainstorm that took maybe 30 minutes to write. It then had a life as a song recorded by Mark and Christina, and I modified it for Michael and Zoe’s wedding (where I was, … Read the rest