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Exotica Project

Dan Shiman has a radio show at KRTS public radio in Marfa, TX where he plays lots of obscure and forgotten 45s from the 50s and 60s. He runs a blog with lots of great tracks at officenaps.com

He keeps a subset of his collection at exoticaproject.com

“The index is a registry of exotica’s familiar cues: its Afro-Latin percussion, its jungle and Eastern themes, its flutes, vibraphones and bird calls. These are the cliches of the phenomenon. They might be considered prime indicators of exotica. Other cues – wordless vocals and tremolo guitar, for instance – are less of an exotica stereotype, though, and, interestingly, are hardly less prevalent. Each individual record’s character, too, assumes a certain shape in terms of its instrumental and aesthetic constituents.

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Graham Greene 2k4

Some terrorist groups are getting increasingly sophisticated in the use of technology.

The CIA wants to get position sensors inside the terrorist camps, and since much of the computer technology used in the Middle East comes from the U.S. or its allies a plan is formulated to have an American agent pose as an exporter willing to sell computers, satellite phones, etc. to nations where there are currently sanctions.

Unknown to the terrorists the equipment actually has GPS beacons that relay their position back to the U.S.

The sale is about to go through, when the terrorist agent pulls out an FBI badge and tells our hero that he’s under arrest.

In the hullaballoo witnesses show up, and our hero’s name is slandered all over the … Read the rest