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The Destabilizing Desire of Julie Doucet

From Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet, courtesy of Drawn & Quarterly.

It’s impossible to convey, to anyone who didn’t stumble across the stuff on their own, the evanescent but ferocious intensity to be found in the photocopied page of any zine or comic from the late eighties and early nineties. Self-publishing in those days showed you, the reader, a culture being ripped apart, at the seams and straight through the middle, while on fire, the raw guts of oppression and abuse and injustice exposed and left behind to rot while you watched with a beer from a spot near the stage. The French Canadian artist and comics creator Julie Doucet invented a character, named Julie Doucet, who let you tag along as she did … Read the rest

Picture Yourself in the Queer Photographic Space of Paul Mpagi Sepuya

The artist’s studio can be a staging ground for any sort of desire. In Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s solo exhibition, Figures, Grounds and Studies, currently on view at Yancey Richardson Gallery, the photographer pictures the studio as a site of queer space and desire. At Yancey Richardson, Sepuya presents traditional portraits and large, collaged constructions comprised of many photographs of the artist and friends. Ripped, taped, and reconfigured by hand, the works presented are “self-referential studies,” taken mostly in the artist’s Los Angeles studio. “The figures are extractions from my social world, the ground is the recurring yet slippery space of the studio, and studies, a haptic re-working of figures and grounds,” writes the artist in his thesis report submitted last year to the University … Read the rest