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Freakishly Huge Chicken Frightens and Confuses the Internet

Usually when we talk about giant chickens, it’s the nine billion or so big, fat broiler chickens killed every year for our consumption.

And while we usually picture these animals as being too fat to walk and cooped up in their coops being exposed to unnatural light patterns, there is another breed of oversized chickens out there—and it’s even scarier to the unacquainted.

A recent video uploaded to Twitter by @LifesBook_Ceo shows what looks like to be a fairly normal chicken peering out of its chicken house. But once the chicken steps down the stairs of its coop, it looks more like a two-foot tall Tony Soprano walking down the driveway to get his morning paper with a feathered housecoat on.

The answer to your … Read the rest

Old Doc McGuire

I’m not the young man I used to be and I recently decided to undergo the event known-as a “check-up” – the event that used to be, in my life, relegated to cars and old people.
My fear was that it involved some “extreme” version of the thing where the doctor pushes up on the soft tissue between the scrotum (plural, “scrota”) and the anus (plural, “ani”) and asks me to “turn my head and cough”.
From what I understood, as someone who avoids health care professionals in the same way that I avoid venomous snakes (I don’t really think about avoiding them, but if trapped in the same room with one, I leave the room and close the door), there is a little finger condom … Read the rest