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Holton Farms

“Holton Farms is owned by cousins Seth Holton and Jurrien Swarts and family friend George Hornig. The Holton family, among the first settlers of Westminster, Vermont, has been farming this quaint village for over 200 years. As eighth generation farmers, we take farming seriously. We use sustainable farming methods, not because it’s in fashion, but because it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do.

Our farm produces a diverse selection of agricultural products including organic and conventional vegetables, herbs and fruits, grass fed beef cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, eggs, maple syrup and honey. We also offer high-quality products from a number of neighboring farms and other local artisanal producers.”


Baker’s Bounty

“In 1978, twenty years before terms like “sustainability” and “buy local” became commonplace, Jim LaPrete set out to find a way in which he could support his family without compromising his passions for being outdoors and experimenting in the kitchen.

Today, his daughter Kim—along with her husband, her brother, and soon her own children—bakes with her father’s passion, using his original recipes, which were considered old-fashioned when he introduced them. Baking nightly and with only a forty-five minute drive into New York City, we take pleasure in providing the freshest bread and baked goods possible to our customers. We at Baker’s Bounty are very proud to be one of the original Greenmarket vendors, and we consider ourselves privileged to be part of such an essential institution.”


Stokes Farm

“For the past 33 years, Stokes Farm has been providing New Yorkers with home-grown produce at the Union Square Greenmarket. As one of the original 12 farmers in the Greenmarket system, Stokes Farm has acquired quite a following of dedicated customers who come to see us every week.

We have come a long way since our first market in Union Square in 1976- from firewood and cut flowers to geraniums, fresh cut herbs and a large, diverse line of Jersey Fresh produce. Today, in addition to the Union Square Greenmarket, you can also find Stokes Farm at two other Greenmarket locations from April through December.”