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Basis™ is a mission-driven company based in New York City committed to good food for all. We are passionate about good food that is traditional, localized, and 100% traceable. We partner with producers and local communities to sell good food at affordable prices.

Basis Farm to Chef™: We are committed to helping family farms find a market for all the good food they produce. We provide delivery, storage, and marketing services for family farms interested in selling their products directly to wholesale customers, including the 20,000+ restaurants and good food retailers in New York City.

Basis Good Food to You™: Our new delivery service brings 100 percent traceable food from family farms directly to your home or office, at prices that are often lower than commodity … Read the rest

Farm Share

“Farm Share is above all a family operation. It was founded in 2006, and is owned and run by the Brussel family in Westchester, New York for the benefit of your family’s health and good taste. The farms with which we work are all small family farms. We operate on a principle of mutual respect, support and trust.

Most of the revenue from Farm Share goes directly to small local organic family farms. We all benefit from the farms’ success through great tasting healthy food, preservation of the environment and by setting an example of good clean living. Our delivery model has been proven to be among the most ecologically advantageous in an independent study. That means it is better for the environment to get Farm … Read the rest