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This Beekeeper Wants You to Stop Eating Counterfeit Honey

Ryan LeBrun’s love of honey bees is emphatic, a necessary vice for his post at Bee Local, where LeBrun harvests Oregon’s only single-origin honey, a career he began nearly six years ago before the honey outfit joined Portland-based Jacobsen Salt Co. Bee Local began as most small-batch businesses do, out of the owner’s kitchen. Now hitting its stride, Bee Local taps into the micro-worlds the flying insects create, sustainably raising them and harvesting their honey with fellow beekeepers and researchers, some of which come from Oregon State University’s honey program. With hives scattered throughout Portland, Bee Local utilizes urban beekeeping practices, allowing the brand to build relationships with chefs, bartenders, brewers, and others interested in the magical world of bees. As far as LeBrun … Read the rest

The Colony-Killing Mistake Backyard Beekeepers Are Making

Spoiler: mites

NPR’s The Salt

“The healthy bees managed by Jonathan Garaas are checked every two weeks for signs of a possible mite infestation. Dan Gunderson/MPR News Jonathan Garaas has learned a few things in three seasons of backyard beekeeping: Bees are fascinating. They’re complicated. And keeping them alive is not easy. Every two weeks, the Fargo, N.D., attorney opens the hives to check the bees and search for varroa mites, pests that suck the bees’ blood and can transmit disease. If he sees too many of the pinhead-sized parasites, he applies a chemical treatment. Attorney and hobby beekeeper Jonathan Garaas keeps nine thriving hives outside of Fargo, N.D. Dan Gunderson/MPR News Garaas has lost hives in his first two years as a … Read the rest

92nd Street Y CSA

“We are thrilled to invite you to join the 92nd Street Y Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, now in its third year! Organic produce for the 92nd Street Y CSA is grown locally at Stoneledge Farm in the foothills of the Northern Catskills.

All of the vegetables and herbs produced on the farm are Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. The CSA will begin June 13, 2011 and run through Nov 14, 2011. Pick up will take place from 4:30-6:30pm. If a holiday falls on a Monday, pick up will be on Tuesday.

Only full shares are available; if you would like to do a half share please coordinate that on your own, or email 92ycsa@gmail.com and we will do our best to pair you … Read the rest

Holton Farms

“Holton Farms is owned by cousins Seth Holton and Jurrien Swarts and family friend George Hornig. The Holton family, among the first settlers of Westminster, Vermont, has been farming this quaint village for over 200 years. As eighth generation farmers, we take farming seriously. We use sustainable farming methods, not because it’s in fashion, but because it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do.

Our farm produces a diverse selection of agricultural products including organic and conventional vegetables, herbs and fruits, grass fed beef cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, eggs, maple syrup and honey. We also offer high-quality products from a number of neighboring farms and other local artisanal producers.”

http://www.holtonfarms.com… Read the rest

Tremblay Apiaries

“Tremblay Apiaries LLC resides in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York amidst the hills of Chemung County just north of the Pennsylvania border. Owned and operated by Alan Tremblay, a life-long beekeeper, this operation produces, packages, and sells its own products direct to the consumer. We produce a wide variety of honeys, and related value-added products. We market pure beeswax candles produced from our own beeswax.”

http://www.tremblayapiaries.com/… Read the rest

Anthill Farm

“We are small family farm located six miles outside of Honesdale, PA. We raise four acres of vegetables, tend ten acres of fruit and nut orchards, and raise pigs, chickens, and honey bees. We are deeply committed to organic farming practices and strive to provide healthy food to our local community.

Our goal is to help create alternatives to the dominant model of industrial agriculture, which we believe is wasteful, toxic, unfair to small farmers, and creates scarcity instead of abundance. We envision the Anthill as a model for the agriculture of the future: we draw on permaculture design principles, ancient farming practices, and the latest scientific research in order to create a balanced agro-system that is sustainable, plentiful, and inclusive.”

http://www.theanthillfarm.com … Read the rest


“Stoneledge Farm is a 100 acre, certified organic farm located in South Cairo, Greene County, New York in the foothills of the Northern Catskills. The homestead, greenhouses, berry patch and packing barn are located on 50 acres of mostly wooded land supported by a stone ledge running just below the soil surface. The farm fields and main barns are located on nearby additional 50 acres of prime agricultural land adjacent to the Catskill Creek.

Stoneledge Farm has been involved in Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA since 1996. It was the direct partnership with consumers and the ability to expand our reach to a larger community that made us realize that the CSA concept was for us. After a meeting sponsored by JustFood to connect farmers and … Read the rest

Carnegie Hill/Yorkville CSA

“The Carnegie Hill CSA project started in 1997 as a direct partnership between a community that wanted local, organic produce and a family farm looking to use sustainable land management to build a sustainable business. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a direct relationship between consumers and producers based on a mutual sharing of risks and benefits.

When our group started in 1997, it was far from clear if this model would ultimately succeed. As the years have passed, the group has grown considerably because of greater public awareness of food safety and quality issues. Understanding the source of food, its true cost and the sustainability of the production and delivery models have become increasingly important. And demand has grown enough to support additional sites in … Read the rest