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Vampire’s Dilemma


Violent Theremin

This is a demo of AudioContext.createOscillator()

“The createOscillator() method of the AudioContext interface creates an OscillatorNode, a source representing a periodic waveform. It basically generates a constant tone.”

You can use this to generate sounds purely in JavaScript/HTML5, with no need to load audio files.

Source: Violent Theremin

And here is a keyboard made in a similar way from 2013

More Puzzlescript Games

A selection of puzzlescript games, many of which are not in the main gallery


Fluid Paint

David Li has a few interesting particle simulations on his website, and the most interesting is his paint simulator, which uses JavaScript and CSS to simulate paint applied by a brush.

I was not able to make anything good using my mouse, but the shading and texture of the paint is remarkably realistic in some places. It’s always fascinating when someone is able to do something in a web browser that would have been impressive as a desktop app just 10 years ago.

Source code available on GitHub


PuzzleScript games by Alan Hazelden

Spooky Pumpkin Game

Alan (Draknek) Hazelden is a prolific and talented indie game developer with a large catalog of challenging puzzle games, many of which use the Puzzlescript engine.