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Swing-A-Way Can Opener

We have gone through so many can openers in the last few years. Each time we buy one, it stops working after just a few cans. Either the gears stop meshing or the handle disconnects from the axle that turns the gear.

We kept trying different, ever-more- expensive brands until we finally found a winner. The Swing-A-Way has worked very well and doesn’t have the problems all the others had.

According to this review of can openers:

John J. Steuby Sr. told us that prior to manufacturing the EZ-Duz-It, his company made hardware for the Swing-A-Way can opener for 30 years. (Steuby stopped making parts for Swing-A-Way after that company was sold a couple of times and moved production to China in 2008.) According to Steuby, to create the EZ-Duz-It, his company made several improvements to the Swing-A-Way model, including making the handle ΒΌ inch longer. Our testers liked the smoothly spinning knob on the EZ-Duz-It, which provided excellent leverage and required less effort to turn compared with the OXO openers we tried.