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The Story of Scallywags

The game blog, Hyperbole Games has an interview/monologue with game designer Chevee Dodd who recently had his game Scallywags published by Gamewright

The post is not polished, but it is a detailed overview of the path this person took to go from having a few ideas to being a published designer. The accounts of working with publishers will resonate with anyone who has worked in music or book publishing.… Read the rest


A ChoiceScript game I wrote in November 2010 has been ported to an app!

To get a taste of what it’s about, play Zebulon online, or get the iPhone or Andriod app

iTunes customers have given it 4.5 stars!

“Brings back good memories!… Back before computers and video games were common place, these books were such a fun way to spend time. Decent writing and lots of fun choices to make, about to read it again and see how it ends this time.”

“Fun adventure… Good story, a number of different choices with consequences, and a chance to name your own starship – goldfish not included. Thanks for creating a fun app!”

“Really good… I really enjoyed this adventure! It’s absolutely one of the best … Read the rest


Jay Bibby is hosting the 9th CasualGameplayDesignCompetition

I submitted a game called Zebulon, a “Choice” text-based adventure using ChoiceScript – similar to those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books from the 1980s.

There is a spectrum between completely top-down narrative and totally immersive interactive game, and this genre falls closer to the former than the latter. “Interactive fiction” may be the best description.

When thinking about educational games (“serious games”) I think about this genre of interactive experience. It has more potential to lead to meaningful choices and thought than simple shooting games do, and thus more potential to yield an educational experience.… Read the rest

A. B. Smeby Bittering Co.

I remember when New York City experienced a shortage of bitters when there was a sudden spike in popularity of drinks such as the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan (possibly dues to the prevalence of those drinks on the show, Mad Men)

(The classic Angostura bitters are easy to get in Delaware. It’s sold in most grocery stores I’ve seen)

The A. B. Smeby Bittering Company came up with the brilliant (and in hindsight, obvious) idea to make local bitters.

Their flavors vary rather far from the Angostura bitters that I’m used to, which smell and taste of something like cloves and nutmeg:

Apple Cinnamon with Molasses
Highland Heather
Cherry Vanilla
Spiced Cranberry
Black and White (as in the cookie)
Lemon Verbena… Read the rest

In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade – Escape from Kilmainham Gaol – Part II: The Evidence Room

Part 2 of the Simeon Meade series.

This game has gotten better reviews, but much less play than the previous one.

It is longer and easier than the first. Most said the first was too hard, and many are saying this is too easy, although that could just be bragging.

– Only those who liked the first one (less than 50% on average) played the second
– Exposure matters and so far this has been a much more controlled release
– Having the walkthrough available right away may have backfired since some players seem to play solely in order to provide hints to others.… Read the rest


Patrick Smith is a brilliant Flash artist who has been producing works of wonder for the past several years at VectorPark

His latest game is his most whimsical and technically sophisticated work to date, a downloadable game called Windosill.

There is nothing like Smith’s stuff anywhere. He’s managed to come up with a pseudo-3D engine for Flash that no one else has replicated.

In terms of game commerce, this is an interesting experiment because the download is only $3. The price point for most casual games has been $15, but now with GameLab going out of business, it looks like that wasn’t enough to pay their bills, but at the same time was too expensive for many people to want to pay.

The download is … Read the rest

Hex Empire

I have a new addiction, Hex Empire by meta sauce (Kamil Burkiewicz)

It’s like RISK! or Axis & Allies or Conqueror! if that means anything to you. The brilliant aspect of the game is how the subtleties of strategy seem to come in gradual waves. At first, the Hard level is simply too hard, until you learn the less direct ways af gaining advantage.

On the Hard level I’m able to win about 80% of the time, which seems to be the formula for dependency – I know that I can probably succeed, but I still have to work for it.… Read the rest


UPDATE: GamePoetry seems to be dead.
I have a link to a beta version of the game here: http://acetio.com/games/4k/4K.html

GamePoetry.com had a 4K contest where all games entered had to be under 4 kilobytes (4,096 bytes). This is similar in style to the old Atari 2600 games, and it sounded like a fun idea.

Here is my entry: Gompers

The mechanic is similar to the Gladiator game I made a few years ago.

– You play a golden mermaid who is fighting off incoming cruise ships
– The character follows the cursor, the ships follow your character
– Clicking the mouse launches a harpoon. If the harpoon hits a ship while in flight, it damages the ship
– You have a finite number of harpoons. … Read the rest