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A Parisian Artist Draws Where’s Waldo-esque Labyrinths Full of Robots

Whether he’s drawing a suburban neighborhood, a day at the zoo, or an industrial robot assembly line, French artist Theo Guignard’s illustrations are easy to get lost in. His drawings are dense, often packed with characters Where’s Waldo-style or maze-like geometric shapes. Guignard pulls in work for magazines like Usbek & Rica, and created a short animated film for Lyft last year. His true fascination seems to lie with robots, including multiple sci-fi worlds in his 2015 book Labyrinths, and tiny androids in several Adventure Time-esque commissions. He also released intricate illustrations of giant robots to tease a new book called Titans, out later this year. Check out his work in the Instagrams below.

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These Paintings Look Like Someone Nuked ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’

Pure hurriedness draws you into Alex Kuno‘s fairytale-themed illustrations, but the elves and castles, anatomically-correct organs, plants that look like animals, and animals that look like plants, all floating inside blank white paper backgrounds, are what keep you staring. When humans appear in Kuno’s work, they have the dazed expressions and wide-set, pale faces of medieval paintings. Their environments are clothed in the colorful, yet muted, palette of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, and convey the same frenzied, hungry energy that has attracted viewers of the iconic painting for hundreds of years.

Kuno creates this aesthetic with an alchemical mix of graphite, watercolor paint, ink, imitation gold leaf, and paper on wooden panels. “I mount the paper on the panels, … Read the rest