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Garlic Shrimp Are Extra-Amazing When Wrapped in Banana Leaves

You know what are awesome? Shrimp. There’s a reason why we love a “cocktail” comprised solely of cold, cooked shrimp—they’re sweet, juicy, and snappy enough to enjoy on their own. 

And hell, when rolled around in some fat and garlic? Well, there’s hardly anything better than that. 

But suppose you could take things a step further, adding a special kick with a spicy chile pepper sauce and wrapping the dish in banana leaves to make sure all of those amazing herbs and spices infiltrate every bite. That brings us to this dish from Flavio Solórzano. 

Start by making a buttery, peppery garlic oil, then make a sauce with cocona fruit, aji charapita peppers, oregano, ginger, and cilantro. We’re talking huge flavor. Gargantuan. 

Season your shrimp with … Read the rest

Eating Competitions Killed Two People This Past Weekend

Eating competitions are an American institution, but can we all finally agree that they are pretty damn dangerous?

This past weekend, two tragic and needless competitive-eating-related deaths occurred within 24 hours of each other. A 20-year-old college student and a 42-year-old Colorado man died in separate choking incidents tied to eating competitions: one involving pancakes; the other, doughnuts.

Caitlin Nelson was a student at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut who died Sunday after participating in a Greek-life-sponsored eating contest. She was said to have eaten four or five pancakes when she stopped breathing. Caitlin was said to have multiple food allergies, although it’s not clear whether they contributed to her choking. To make the story even more horrific, Caitlin was the daughter of a Port Authority … Read the rest

Edible Chopsticks Are Now a Thing and They Taste Like Furniture

Turns out, chopsticks are still ripe for innovation, even after more than 6,000 continuous years of use in pretty much all of Eastern Asia.

In what will surely go down in the annals of history as an achievement as momentous as the harnessing of electricity, Japan’s Marushige Confectionery company has recently unveiled edible chopsticks that are meant to be both environmentally friendly and to preserve age-old Japanese agricultural practices.

Oh, and they also happen to taste like furniture.

Marushige’s chopsticks are made with igusa (soft rush) reeds, the material traditionally used to make tatami, the floor mats found throughout Japan. RocketNews24 reports that the Nagoya-based company is openly billing the chopsticks as being “tatami-flavored” and that they hope the creation will promote the cultural significance … Read the rest

Delivering Bread in Cairo Is a Balance of Life and Death

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in March 2015.

Aish baladi, like the Nile, is a source of life. The handmade bread is an Egyptian staple, which at one point existed in 82 varieties. In Cairo, its ubiquity is made possible by the network of agalati—bread carriers—who deliver the bread to the restaurants, ful (fava bean) carts, and street stands of the metropolis. The coarseness of the bran and wheat turns the bread into a magnet for dust and the city’s airborne toxic elements, but that doesn’t stop anyone from eating it. The art of the agalati is in carrying large trays of bread on their heads as they maneuver through the manic streets of Cairo on a bicycle, like lunatics sailing into the … Read the rest

Business Is Booming for Restaurant that Banned Young Children

In the competitive and fiscally risky business of restaurants, incentives have always been used to drum up new customers, whether it be happy hour specials, two-for-one appetizers, or the promise of a meal undisturbed by children. The latter has lead to a big spike in business—and a helping of controversy—for one North Carolina eatery.

At Caruso’s—a Moorseville Italian restaurant where, according to their website, “proper attire” is required to eat at the “traditional, classy, intimate” space—a no-child policy put into effect in January has lead to an uptick in customers seeking a quieter, tantrum-free dining experience.

According to manager Yoshi Nunez, once children under the age of five were banned from the restaurant, the daily customer count quickly rose from 50 to 80. Taking … Read the rest

We Asked Bourbon Country Experts for Their Favorite Hangover Cures

I am in pain, a lot of it. It’s 8 AM in Louisville, Kentucky, the capital city of bourbon country. About an hour outside of town are America’s most prized bourbon distilleries. I am in so much pain because of the products they distill, and yet, according to the experts around these parts, there doesn’t seem to be any way of avoiding this fate.

Yesterday started casually enough with a 9 AM tour of the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, a picturesque town nestled in the green rolling hills of the Bluegrass State. Jim Beam produces 50 percent of the world’s bourbon, which is a goddamn lot of bourbon.

Jim Beam produces 50 percent of the world’s bourbon. All photos by the author.

That’s a

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This Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger Is So Decadent that It’s Actually Making the Internet Mad

“Sorry, we do not have the nutritional info for any of our menu items,” Zombie Burger writes on its website. “Go ahead and live a little.”

That’s probably for the best, considering some of the items that are constructed in the kitchen of its Des Moines, Iowa location. There’s the Undead Elvis burger, which is topped with peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon, egg and mayonnaise; and the They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara burger, which uses a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches as its bun. But the burger that has grabbed the internet’s full attention is called The Walking Ched, and yes, it is ridiculous.

“I’ve never wanted to fuck a samdwhich [sic] till I ate the walking ched,” one satisfied Zombie Burger customer said, … Read the rest

What Two Decades as a Restaurateur Has Taught Me

I opened my first restaurant, Fork, in Philadelphia in 1997. When I think back on what makes me most proud, it’s getting to work and learn from hundreds of talented staff that I have been fortunate enough to have pass through my place. I sound like a mom, but that’s what I consider my biggest accomplishment—seeing the many people who have successfully grown through my restaurants. Building a community together with them and our customers has been a big part of my story as a restaurateur.

Besides the obvious young cooks or servers who have gone on to become chefs or managers or opened their own restaurants, it is rewarding to see people express their love of food and hospitality in many ways. For example, … Read the rest

This Is Why You Crave Crappy Food When You’re Tired

The last time I ate a Cinnabon, it was while I was sitting on the edge of a hard plastic airport seat, waiting to board an ungodly 6 AM flight. I was barely awake enough to hand my boarding pass to the TSA agent, but the smell of fresh-baked (or recently defrosted) cinnamon rolls was enough to convince my eyelids to open slightly. Come to think of it, the past three or four Cinnabons I’ve eaten have been jetlagged airport terminal impulse buys—but according to some scientists, that’s not surprising at all.

Researchers from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine recently presented a paper suggesting that being sleep-deprived makes your brain more sensitive to food smells. To prove their hypothesis, the scientists studied the brain activity … Read the rest

Skip the Pizza and Make This Cheese-Stuffed Bread Instead

“With a little bit of practice, you can have a delicious gut bomb made from scratch in about an hour.”

So says Florian Pinel, who gave us this recipe for the Georgian (the country, not the state) cheese bread known as khachapuri

You think you know a thing or two about a fresh-baked crust filled with gooey mozzarella, right? Surely we must be talking about (what seems like) the most beloved food on Earth: pizza.

But imagine something a little fluffier, a little more buttery, with soft hunks of warm feta mixed into its cheesy interior and perhaps even a baked egg as a crown. Suppose that it came not from Italy, but from Georgia, the nation nestled on the border of Europe and Asia.… Read the rest