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Policing Big Pharma’s Influence Over Doctors’ Treatment Guidelines

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical companies pay doctors to hype their products to others. But even when physicians work to shun such payments, they may unwittingly be influenced simply by following clinical practice guidelines written by colleagues with financial conflicts of interest. … Read the rest

In the Fate of the Delta Smelt, Warnings of Conservation Gone Wrong

As it now stands, the Delta smelt has high odds of becoming the first fish to go extinct in the wild while under the protection of the federal Endangered Species Act. Others might well follow unless new strategies take hold — though whether that will happen anytime soon remains entirely unclear. … Read the rest

GM Food Labels Could Burden Low-Income Consumers

A federal law that requires labels on genetically modified foods is set to go into effect over the next several years. A new study already suggests an unforeseen impact. Products that tend to come at a higher premium in their non-GM form compared to GM versions are ones that low-income people tend to buy.… Read the rest

Speaking of Evolution, in Non-Threatening Tones

Part of the stated goal was straightforward science education. After all, evolutionary theory is the backbone of chemistry and biology. But merely teaching evolutionary science wasn’t the point. The team was going for something more subtle: Not conversion, but simple, unheated conversation.… Read the rest

A Remedy for Broken Science, Or an Attempt to Undercut It?

The report offers a lucid overview of the reproducibility debate in modern science. But it also raises concerns — particularly as it relates to mainstream climate science, which one of its co-authors described as “a farrago of unreliable statistics, arbitrary research techniques, and politicized groupthink.” … Read the rest

Chronic Wasting Disease: Real Risk or Irrational Hype?

Even though chronic wasting disease hasn’t been proven to be a risk to human health, its similarity to other diseases that are — including “mad cow disease” and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which has symptoms resembling Alzheimer’s disease — has long been cause for concern. Experts, and hunters, are divided.… Read the rest

Awash in Unused Medications, With No Good Place to Put Them

Fewer than 3 percent of eligible take-back sites nationally register to do so, according to a recent federal report. Such sites would give consumers a convenient place to drop off unused or excess medications, so they don’t end up being flushed into the environment — or sold in the streets.… Read the rest

In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late

Scientists are now uncovering hundreds of artifacts, tombs, temples, and towns that provide clues about who the ancient Nubians were, what language they spoke, how they worshipped, and how they died — valuable puzzle pieces in the quest to understand the mosaic of human civilization writ large. … Read the rest

What Does Sexual Objectification Look Like in the Brain?

For decades, social psychologists have documented links between the ways society perceives women and their bodies and attitudes towards gender violence. But recent research into what this looks like in the brain suggests that people feel less empathy for women dressed in revealing clothing. … Read the rest