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Dynamic Diagrams Information Design Watch

The design/marketing group Dynamic Diagrams keeps a blog called Information Design Watch that is a great resource for what’s new and interesting in the field of visualization.

Shown here is a post from Presentation Zen, looking at what the briefing in Star Wars would have looked like had they had PowerPoint available to them.
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Pricilla Gone Missing

Pricilla gone missing is a new and quite good, rather short game in the style of Samorost, where you control a character who walks around manipulating objects. I prefer this style to the ‘Escape the Room’ variety – a genre that seems rather stale now.

The graphics are very good, echoing some post-apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max. The sound is good as well, using music as a cue for success and ambient noises as the background sound.

The puzzles are good as well, and all rely on actual logic and physics, so you have to ‘MacGuyver’ your way through, rather than depending on finding that one active pixel, or on some arbitrary Deus ex Machina device.… Read the rest

The Future Stinks

The assignment was to study the style of Terry Gilliam, who was adept at making animations with a minimum of actual animating (note how he never bothers to animate anyone’s feet). So I did virtual cutouts in AfterEffects, reducing color to bring the file sizes down, and made this. (1.5MB)

Now, unfortunately, the format is MP4 – so many players won’t recognize it. You’ll have to save to your desktop and see if any of your players can read it.

I could upload it into another format, but the compression artifacts and file size of the MP4 version are better than they were in any other format I tried.

I’m quite happy with the song. I had also been studying formulae for pop songs (both formally … Read the rest