This boot has been recalled after Redditors found swastika prints on the sole


A seemingly innocuous men’s boot available from a retailer on Amazon has been recalled after a Redditor discovered it left a tread print that looked a lot like a swastika.

Earlier this week a user on the site posted an image of their newly purchased New Men’s Polar Fox Winter Cap Toe Wool Lining Boot. A side-by-side shot showed the print the tread left.

The uploader captioned the photo, which has since had over three million views, “There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots…”

Redditors traced the boot to its Amazon page and started inundating the listing with questions, comments, reviews and posts about the swastika design — as well as some ill-advised puns about Hitler, the Holocaust and Nazis. Read more…

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