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The Powerful Art of Satire, from Aristophanes to Today

“Roman, Comic Mask, Held by a Right Hand” (perhaps 2nd century), marble, 7 1/2 x 6 1/8 x 3 3/4 in (Brooklyn Museum, gift of Julius J. Ivanitsky in memory of his parents, Jacob and Ida Ivanitsky, 79.119.2; Creative Commons-BY)

Since January 2016, many of us have had to discover ways to cope with the political climate. More often than not, we’ve resorted to comedy and satire, from our favorite talk show hosts to television like Saturday Night Live that has had somewhat of a revival. We’ve also turned to art and literature, with many local bookstores coming up with entire reading lists solely devoted to the political apocalypse.

These modes of coping with and digesting reality are not exactly new. This evening at the Brooklyn Read the rest

The liberal redneck killing stereotypes with humour

Trae Crowder uses comedy to disarm people on both sides of the Facebook News Feed. Growing up in a small town on the edge of Tennessee, he felt like a blue dot in a sea of red.

Today he plays a character called the Liberal Redneck who rallies against bigotry and hypocrisy in the South, while also challenging liberal stereotypes of the region.

Crowder had been doing standup comedy for six years before he decided to point a camera at himself, branching into porch rants about Southerners – racking up hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of views in the process.

The 30-year-old has exposed double standards in everything from the way ‘rednecks’ view Black Lives Matter – “This has been framed largely as Black Lives … Read the rest