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This is the tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human


James Bruton built the sculpture over a two month period. After all the work, the 3.62-meter sculpture turned him into a Guinness World Records title holder, which was the main purpose of his endeavor.

The record was announced in celebration of the  Guinness World Records: Science and Stuff book. Read more…

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A Colombian Street Art Duo Is Transforming Phoenix with a Nomadic Art Space | #50StatesofArt

Origin stories don’t get much more American than that of the Fortoul Brothers, whose nomadic art gallery is the spice of Phoenix’s art scene.

Isaac and Gabriel Fortoul immigrated to the US from Colombia as children, and grew up in Union City, New Jersey, nurturing dreams of becoming artists. After Isaac graduated from art school and Gabriel cut his teeth in the financial industry on Wall Street, the two went into business together. Isaac is the artistic force, while business-minded Gabriel handles the performance of the work. Their partnership is so symbiotic, they bill all of their work as belonging to The Fortoul Brothers. Their traveling pop-up space is called 40Owls, a gag on the phonetics of their shared last name.

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Celebrate Twin Peaks’ Return with a David Lynch Tribute Art Show

With a new season of Twin Peaks just around the corner, the SPOKE Art Gallery is throwing an art tribute show dedicated to legendary director David Lynch. In Dreams will feature over 80 participating artists from around the world, each exploring Lynch’s impact as a storyteller through a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, and fine art prints. Each artist was allowed to choose which subject of Lynch’s work they wanted to focus on, and the results, from unique character portraits to detailed environments and abstracted movie posters, dig deep into the emotions embedded in Lynch’s work and the stylistic choices he made to convey them.


In addition to the art show, SPOKE NYC partnered with Tribeca’s Roxy Cinema for their special month-long Lynch … Read the rest

5 Russian Doll Artists Creating Eerie, Hyperrealistic Handmade Toys

In taking the natural anatomy of a human being and transforming it into a captivating and magical inanimate figure, contemporary artists who create Russian dolls have an affinity for the weird and wonderful. Although, traditionally, dolls are popular objects in Russian art and design, contemporary artists are taking the ancient craft and interlacing it with their own ideas, creating artworks which are unorthodox and intriguing to behold. Molded and crafted with the utmost delicacy and precision, contemporary dolls are constructed using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques and materials. Eccentric and hyperrealistic, these creations are a far cry from typical Russian dolls—which are round, brightly colored toy.

Directors of the International Exhibition of Art and Dolls, Yuliana Taranova and Svetlana Pchelnikova, spoke … Read the rest

Hyperrealistic Sculptures Make Clay Look Like Wooden Humans

Ceramics and wood are two vastly different materials and artistic mediums, but the Virginia-based sculptor Chris White uses clay’s highly malleable properties to mimic the texture of tree grain. White’s trompe l’oeil technique also involves painting the clay surface in a hyperrealistic style, which accentuates the clay’s three-dimensional qualities, giving it shadows, highlights, and variations in color.

A great example of White’s artistry is his recent sculpture of woman’s nude torso, which features a sort of surreal naturalism that removes everything above the woman’s jaw. Perched upon it is a blue bird, possibly a dove. It’s clearly fine art, but White’s style also recalls the fantastical beings in Guillermo del Toro’s movies. The sculptures aren’t meant to merely dazzle eyes, either. White draws parallels between … Read the rest

Hear 435 Cardboard Boxes Create a Minimalist Sound Symphony

Exploring the complexity of sound and movement created by simple elements, Swiss artist Zimoun creates organic orchestras of rustling noises. Previously, he made sound sculptures using medical equipment and cardboard drums. This time around, at the Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark, he presents one of the largest installations he’s ever realized: 435 prepared dc-motors, 2030 cardboard boxes 35x35x35cm.

In this work, Zimoun builds an architectural mechanism out of cardboard, wires, and DC motors. His industrial materials move, producing sound on location in real time. The wall boxes hang from the ceiling, amalgamating a sound that evokes the hypnotic soundscapes of Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi.

The sound is created by the soft collision of cardboard boxes. “[The] sound properties of boxes relates to many factors, … Read the rest