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This Week in Making: Star Wars Droids, Comic Con, and Deadly Paper Cuts

This Week in Making looks a Star Wars droid puppet, a makerspace in South Africa, Silicon Valley Comic Con, and murderous paper.

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Ion Engine Based on a Tesla Coil

Couldn’t find a source for this, but the concept could be sound.

I’ve often wondered how difficult it would be to build a functioning T.I.E. fighter prototype, at least the T.I.E. (twin ion engine) part. Even a small toy, propelled with ion thrust, would be pretty cool. Looks like this guy figured it out:

His method uses a very simple coil and an external power supply. The simple coil doesn’t look as cool, but that’s because it’s not wasting energy on generating light.

I don’t have an answer for how to do this, but I feel there must be a way of getting minimal but measurable ion thrust with a contained power source. We can start by boosting the voltage from a 9v battery
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Paul Williams, who wrote the music for The Muppet Movie, among many other songs, is still alive as we now know because of a new movie about him titled, Paul Williams Still Alive.

When it was released, The Muppet Movie was very popular among us elementary school-age kids; it was not quite as culturally significant as say, Star Wars, but we knew all the words to the songs and it was common to hear someone spontaneously start humming, “Moving Right Along” or “I Hope That Something Better Comes Along.”

The signature song was, Rainbow Connection – a song that remains (both lyrically and melodically) one of the Great Tunes in my opinion.

In the first line, Kermit asks, “Why are there so many songs … Read the rest

Dynamic Diagrams Information Design Watch

The design/marketing group Dynamic Diagrams keeps a blog called Information Design Watch that is a great resource for what’s new and interesting in the field of visualization.

Shown here is a post from Presentation Zen, looking at what the briefing in Star Wars would have looked like had they had PowerPoint available to them.
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Drew Struzan

The Swedish Bed has a collection of movie posters painted by Drew Struzan.

I had no idea how iconic his work was until I saw so many of his images together. As a kid, the Star Wars movie poster was probably the single most important image in my life for a few years, but I had no idea that the images for the Indiana Jones movies and many other hits from the 70s and 80s were all done by the same guy.… Read the rest


Machinima is just a rip off of this guy. Star Wars done in animated ascii characters. http://www.asciimation.co.nz/ only goes up to about halfway, when Han and Luke are getting Leia out of detention block 1138.

As of April 2008, the guy has been at it for over 10 years (presumably with long breaks in between)

The scene above is when Han and Luke and Chewie do the “prisoner exchange ploy”

And here it is as an animated gif

There’s a whole cartoon series done this way in 2002, Chickenman

And this guy has a way of turning any movie into an asciimation

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Squash and White Bean Soup


I admire vegetarians.

I admire people who have convictions and are willing to make sacrifices in their lives in order to live by a code. Sort of like Dexter.

However, I do not generally like eating with vegetarians, since dishes are often diminished to the lowest-common-denominator in terms of ingredients. I don’t blame the vegetarians for this, since a good chef should be able to make delicious food without meat. But it is a fact that a lot of vegetarian food I’ve eaten, at least in restaurants, has not been satisfying.

So, it is a real pleasure when I come across a dish that manages to be vegetarian but does not taste like something has been subtracted from it.

One such dish is Squash and Read the rest

Star Wars – The Hero’s Journey

For a while now I’ve been developing a story, an epic inspired by many of the classic stories (including Star Wars). Joseph Campbell and others have suggested that certain themes reoccur in the classic stories, spanning cultures and time, and I’ve been collecting these themes in order to incorporate them. A few are summarized below.

What strikes me most is how in the debate among fans of the Star Wars series, the subject of storytelling is seldom raised. The focus on why some feel episodes I, II, and III weren’t as good as the original trilogy seems to be on specific characters (Jar-Jar Binks) on the use of computer graphics (instead of miniatures and puppets), the acting and dialogue, and on the importance of nostalgia in … Read the rest