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On the kindness of people, and the violence of the state

If I had known how hard a 10 week trial on terror-related charges for a peaceful protest would be, I don’t know how I could have faced it. It was the support people offered from the most surprising places that got us through it.

I’m one of the Stansted 15 convicted, controversially, for a terror-related offence following a peaceful blockade of a Home Office deportation charter flight, for which we narrowly escaped prison sentences last Wednesday. We thought it might be an endurance test in the courtroom which would last as long as four weeks – but it turned out to be a gruelling 10-week ordeal that showed me just how scary it is to face the threat of state intervention into your life. … Read the rest

This is the tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human


James Bruton built the sculpture over a two month period. After all the work, the 3.62-meter sculpture turned him into a Guinness World Records title holder, which was the main purpose of his endeavor.

The record was announced in celebration of the  Guinness World Records: Science and Stuff book. Read more…

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It’s time to talk about how Britain treats its homeless

It’s early in 2018, yet it seems one trend is already taking hold in Windsor: the bold return of feudalism. Any wedding involves mind-melding amounts of preparation, but only a royal wedding could demand the clearing of homeless people from the streets to avoid the glances of the massed crowds landing on a huddled rough sleeper. Nothing, according to the council responsible for the move, should detract from the pomp and pageantry of Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, and presumably the realisation that all subjects are not equal risks damaging the patriotism around the event.

The move has provoked outspoken fury, with homelessness charities and even the prime minister condemning the decision from the council. But elsewhere, other homeless people were the subject of much … Read the rest

UK has first coal-free power day since the Industrial Revolution

Enlarge / London’s coal-powered Battersea Power Station in 1937. Yes, originally it only had two chimneys but was extended after World War II. (credit: Fox Photos/Getty Images)

In 1882, the world’s first coal-fired public-use power station opened in London at 57 Holborn Viaduct—today a fairly nondescript location in the centre of London close to Blackfriars. On Friday, some 135 years, a few monarchs, and an entire Industrial Revolution later, the UK power grid had its first ever day without coal energy.

The National Grid control room announced on April 21 that from 11pm on Thursday to 11pm on Friday the UK’s electricity demand was supplied without firing up some coal power plants. The UK’s power mix for the day was: 50.3% natural gas, 21.2% nuclear, 12.2%

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Rainbow Artist Liz West Wants You to Design Your Own Color Wheel

It’s no secret that everyone perceives color differently—in fact, we’re still triggered by the phrase, “black and blue or white and gold?“—but color field artist Liz West seeks to more concretely define different perceptions of the spectrum in a new project called Our Colour Wheel.

Named in the style of her light installations Your Colour Perception, Our Colour Reflection, and Our Colour, each of which feels like stepping into a rainbow, Our Colour Wheel reveals what those colors look like in the minds of 11 friends and colleagues. Here’s the Manchester-based artist’s own version:

Liz West, Our Colour Wheel, 2016-17. Image Credit – Liz West

West’s process is intensely research-based, and her work is often displayed at science museums Read the rest

No, This Chef Isn’t Serving An Entire Meal on Diners’ Hands

Over the past few years, an increasing number of restaurants have ditched the idea of plates in favor of serving their appetizers and entrees in annoying new configurations, whether that means your burger is balancing in a small cast iron skillet, your candied bacon starter is sticking out of a Mason jar, or your full English breakfast arrives on a shovel. At this point, if it’s a noun, someone is probably trying to arrange your next meal in, on, or around it.

But no, a new restaurant in Plymouth, England is not serving all of its food on the backs of diners’ hands, despite what you might have read on the internet. Yes, the Brown & Bean, which was just opened by Michelin-starred … Read the rest

This Restaurant Banned Avocado from Its Menu for Being Too Basic

At this point, avocados are inescapable. You can’t throw one of their oversized seeds without hitting something related to the world’s most overexposed healthy fat. The internet is littered with slideshows for SEVEN LIT AF AVOCADO TOAST RECIPES, Starbucks has added a $1 packet of avocado spread to its refrigerated section and just yesterday, I had to stop myself from physically assaulting a woman wearing a “Let’s Avo-Cuddle” t-shirt. That’s why London eatery Firedog should be commended—if not just all-out knighted—for its anti-avocado efforts.

Firedog, a new Aegean restaurant in the capital city, has instituted a complete avocado ban, excluding the fruit from any appearances on its menu. “Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London, which has done avocado to death, and … Read the rest