Farm Share

Farm Share’s CSA boxes contain the same variety of fresh, delicious organic veggies and provide the same support to Norwich Meadows Farm in Norwich, NY as their traditional CSA share, but they are boxed and delivered to you right at home to make it easier to participate. We communicate with members through email newsletters, sharing recipes and news from the farm with everyone along with the weekly deliveries. 2013 will be our 7th year collaborating with Norwich Meadows Farm and bringing over 400 members delicious lettuces, beans, beets, carrots, tomatoes, fennel, apples, pears, peaches and more from this local family farm. A list of our weekly boxes from 2012 is available on the website at by clicking on the link for “This Week’s Box.”

We deliver to all of Manhattan, parts of Brooklyn, S. Westchester and parts of Fairfield County CT, offering a weekly Spring/Summer share ($649) as well as two options for Winter Shares (delivered every 3 wks for $600 or every 6 weeks for $375). Spring/summer shares contain 100% organic veggies with add on options of eggs, fruit and/or honey. Winter shares are unique – they contain organic veggies great for winter delicacies like soups and stews plus eggs, farm-made items like jam or pickles and some treats from Evans Farmhouse Creamery.

Please join us this season and sign up at with a credit card or email us at for a mail in form. Don’t hesitate to email Gail with any questions.

Local Products NYCCSA

Amazing Real Live Food Co.

“Here at the Amazing Real Live Food Co., we are committed to producing restorative food and drink in our home… the Hudson Valley. Our goal is to make vital products that honor our body as a living organism and promote its good health.

Our philosophy is to make delicious, wholesome ‘vittles’ (foods) & ‘elixirs’ (drinks) for our friends and neighbors. Products containing essential probiotic beasties, dense nutritional values, and key digestive enzymes, which the human body naturally thrives on, so we might be able to feed our dear ones well, while helping their bodies become healthier.”

Dairies Farms NYCCSA

Westchester Dairy

“Westchester Dairy & Distributors, LLC., has been serving quality milk and dairy products to Westchester consumers for over 30 years!

In addition to Bronxville, the Pelhams, New Rochelle, Eastchester, Scarsdale and Fleetwood, we now serve more areas of Westchester and recently expanded to southern Fairfield county in Connecticut with fresh dairy products delivered right to your door! We also serve schools, day care facilities and local business districts in our area.

Green Pastures
We have been in pursuit of the most natural, environmentally friendly sources of product as well as packaging from the very beginning. Our glass bottles are reused over and over again, eliminating the step of recycling. That alone saves precious resources. We are committed to finding and using more local resources as you will see when we introduce them on our website.

Farm Fresh and Free of rBST Hormones
We strive to deliver the finest dairy products in our region. Our milk comes solely from local New York suppliers, shipped fresh to us three times each week from farms that do not use any growth hormones. This ensures that our milk reaches you within days from when the cows were milked.

Keep visiting our website, we are in the process of making it state-of-the-art. You can now order and pay securely online! We thank all of our loyal customers for their patronage over the years. It is our pleasure to serve you only the highest quality products at affordable prices.”

Farms NYCCSA Vegetables

Roxbury Farm

“Roxbury is a community supported farm, one of the largest in the country, and the first to have a community in New York City. We grow vegetables, herbs, and grass fed animals for over 1000 shareholders representing over 1050 families in four communities–Columbia County, the Capital Region, Westchester County and Manhattan–on 225 acres in Kinderhook, New York.

Roxbury is a biodynamic farm, which means it’s organic. But biodynamic means more than organic. Both are alternatives to toxic chemicals and genetic manipulation, but it isn’t only what we don’t do that makes our farm different from conventional farms; it’s what we do.”