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Edible Chopsticks Are Now a Thing and They Taste Like Furniture

Turns out, chopsticks are still ripe for innovation, even after more than 6,000 continuous years of use in pretty much all of Eastern Asia.

In what will surely go down in the annals of history as an achievement as momentous as the harnessing of electricity, Japan’s Marushige Confectionery company has recently unveiled edible chopsticks that are meant to be both environmentally friendly and to preserve age-old Japanese agricultural practices.

Oh, and they also happen to taste like furniture.

Marushige’s chopsticks are made with igusa (soft rush) reeds, the material traditionally used to make tatami, the floor mats found throughout Japan. RocketNews24 reports that the Nagoya-based company is openly billing the chopsticks as being “tatami-flavored” and that they hope the creation will promote the cultural significance … Read the rest

Heart Attack Grill Sues Heart Attack Shack Over Right to Serve Food That’s Terrible for You

Brian Tipps didn’t have any restaurant experience at all before he opened the Heart Attack Shack in East Ridge, Tennessee last month. Fortunately, the owners of Las Vegas’ notorious Heart Attack Grill are giving him an early lesson in intellectual property law. Attorneys for the Grill have filed a lawsuit against Tipps, alleging that his Heart Attack is infringing upon their own trademark, because when it comes restaurants serving food that may or may not kill you immediately upon consumption, there can be only one.

“[The Heart Attack Grill] is a medically themed restaurant with high caloric food products, including a restaurant name that connotes a catastrophic medical condition,” the lawsuit says, according to Law 360. “[The menu has] aggressive, heart condition or heart-attack style … Read the rest

These Teens Faked a Marriage Proposal for Free Restaurant Dessert (and for Retweets)

Other than “Drake’s More Life,” the best three words in the English language might be “free chocolate cake.” But until you can torrent a dessert directly into your mouth, getting cake without paying takes a little bit of scheming, planning, and preparation. It also means that you might have to be willing to fake a wedding proposal the next time you’re at a nice restaurant, much like these two Texas teenagers did last weekend.

Alex Nagle, 17, told the restaurant staff that he was going to propose to Cati Domitrovich, 19, and he legit got on one knee and asked for her hand. Somehow, both of them kept a straight face through all of this—even as the other diners enthusiastically applauded. They were then rewarded … Read the rest

You Can Now Get Drunk in a ‘Tequila Cloud’ in Mexico

Be honest: How many times have you caught yourself wistfully staring into the stratosphere, dreaming of a future in which you are somehow able to put your parched lips to a wispy nimbostratus cloud and fill your belly with its sweet nectar, as if it were some sort of atmospheric teat?

Sure, we guess you could just put out a bucket and catch rain water like a Paleolithic knuckle dragger, but would that really even show off your absolute dominance over Mother Nature?

We certainly think not! And, apparently, neither does Mexico.

How else could you possibly explain the Mexican tourism board’s newly unveiled franken-cloud, which not only lets you drink the rain of a cloud as you stand beneath it, but replaces basic-ass water … Read the rest

China Is Growing ‘Space Mangoes’

Just weeks after space ravioli rocketed through Twitter, the embryonic cells of “space mangoes” have begun sprouting on Earth.

Retrieved from a 33-day mission aboard the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft, mango seeds were planted and monitored by scientists in China, in the hopes of improving Earthbound variants of subtropical plants with radiation from space.

Screengrabs courtesy of CCTV.

Images of the budding mangoes were broadcast on Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, with researchers stating their excitement and practical use of produce made from seeds exposed to space radiation.

READ MORE: We’ll ‘Probably’ Be Able to Eat Vegetables Grown in Martian Soil

“Space mangoes are expected to be insect-resistant, of higher quality and provide more output,” Peng Longrong, head of the project, reportedly told CCTV, while showing off the baby mangoes in glass … Read the rest

Somebody Paid Way Too Much Money for the World’s Most Expensive Melons

For the epicure that has everything, there’s now a melon available in Japan that’s worth as much as a new car.

The Yubari King is a cross between two varieties of cantaloupe, and must be grown in the Yubari region in order to bear that name — just as Kobe beef, another Japanese culinary luxury, must be produced in that certain geographic region.

The Yubari King is known for it’s sweetness and, of course, its price tag, which just reached a whopping $27,000 (though that was technically for a pair). That price is only reserved for the choicest melons however, with average Yubaris typically going for $50 – $100, which is still ridiculous when you think about it—but not, like, the cost-of-my-college-loans ridiculous.

The melon … Read the rest

This NBA Star Ate 5,000 Calories Worth of Candy Every Day For a Decade

If you look at Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard, you would assume that he had been raised on nothing but the highest quality grass-fed meats and organic vegetables, adhering to a diet that would be too restrictive for even the most dedicated GOOP reader. But no, Howard once fueled his chiseled 6’11” frame with thousands and thousands of calories of candy every day—and he did that for more than a decade.

According to an ESPN feature about—weirdly enough—the NBA’s league-wide obsession with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Howard’s candy consumption was so ridiculous, it once required an intervention. By 2013, he was eating so much candy, he was showing symptoms of dysesthesia, an unpleasant nerve condition that is often seen in prediabetics who have higher-than-normal blood … Read the rest

The Internet Is Really Pissed That Cracker Barrel Fired Brad’s Wife

I found out about Brad’s wife on Facebook. A high school friend had changed his avatar to a black ribbon with the text “Justice for Brad’s wife” and an #AnswerUsCrackerBarrel hashtag. Several hours later, Brad’s wife was everywhere—and so were literally thousands of social media posts, questioning the country-style restaurant on her behalf.

This all started when a Millville, Indiana man named Bradley Reid Byrd posted an innocuous-but-important question on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page: “Why did you fire my wife?” And those six words became the most important shot that has been fired since a Yugoslav nationalist saw Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the sight of his pistol. Cracker Barrel’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are still being filled with comments, @-replies, and hashtags demanding that … Read the rest

Mom Accidentally Puts Bag of Booze Slushie in Child’s Lunchbox

Is it a Capri Sun or a brightly colored cocktail?

This is a question that one Australian mom failed to ask when she sent her five-year-old daughter to school with a Smirnoff Frozen Pouch tucked neatly into her lunchbox. You see, in Australia and much of the English-speaking world, Smirnoff offers a pouch of fruit-flavored vodka that looks pretty much exactly like a juice pouch. Except it contains the good stuff.

Smirnoff calls its frozen pouches “delicious new drinking sensation[s] from the number 1 spirits brand in the world. Enjoy refreshing fruit flavors combined with the smooth taste of Smirnoff Vodka straight from your freezer.” And one little girl in Australia almost did.

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Woman Throws Epic Tantrum Because Taco Bell Only Has Fire Sauce and Not Mild

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that fast-food workers have seen a lot of bad behavior on the part of those who frequent their establishments, and the drive-thru lane is probably the epicenter of such behavior.

We’ve told you the epic tale of the drunk dudes who were arrested for attempting to ride a couch through a McDonald’s drive-thru lane. Then there was the classic story of the guy who threw an alligator into a Wendy’s drive-thru window.

Hell, countless drug deals have gone down at the drive-thru, as have illegal hacking operations.

But we now know that it doesn’t take all that much to attract police attention at the drive-thru.

Earlier this month, police were summoned to a Taco Bell in South Euclid, … Read the rest